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Blocks packaged into dope NFT collectables
VanityBlocks are regular nfts, who's mint transaction takes up a whole ETH block, meaning there aren't any other transactions in that block!

In addition to wasting lots of ETH on fees we only mint blocks that have pretty numbers, like 14114114, 14360063, 14401440....

You can think of ETH blocks as train rides, each train ride has a number, the first one was #0, the next #1, currently we're around #15,000,000, when you send someone eth, mint an nft, trade an nft or sign some blockchain related transaction, that transaction is only vaild == "in the blockchain" when that transaction has "ridden" a specific train ride, there are a limited amount of seats in each train, usually around 200-300 transactions "ride" it. When we mint vanityblocks, we buy up all the tickets on a specific train ride with a pretty number say 14401440, and mint just 1 nft with it. So the collector can kinda "own" the train ride
Think of ETH Blocks as pages in the New York Times newspaper, if you want to send someone eth, buy an nft, etc..., you have to buy a small ad on some page of the news paper, so that everyone can see that you sent your eth to the recepient, so that your transaction can be finalized, what we do is buy up a whole page ad in this "newspaper", and mint an nft with it, so you can kinda "own" this whole page forever

Also, all the ad pages are numbered and we buy up only ones that have pretty numbers like 14114114, 14360063, 14401440....

NOT a VanityBlock
139 transactions
1 transaction
NOT a VanityBlock
125 transactions

How do I mint a VanityBlock?

Unfortunately it's very complicated to mint one, so currently minting is centralized, we mint the blocks and then auction them off on OpenSea starting at the cost price

What's the release schedule?

  • 50-100 blocks for the first collection
  • 200 blocks a year total

Is the art final?

Nope, the current art on the nfts is just the pre reveal image, we're currently looking for a top notch artist to make these into beautiful peices, they're prob gonna look like 3D boxs that are pretty and would be metaverse compatible

What's the roadmap?

No roadmap, we do have some idea's, come chat with us on TG or Discord

There's a number that means something very special to me, can i get a mint blz?

Yes, feel free to dm @monkeyontheloose on TG, and we'll try to figure it out

What inspired you to do this project?

We kinda riffed off burned banksy's nft idea, they burned a real banksy, made a video of it and minted an nft out of the video, claiming that the original meaning of the banksy transfered into the nft, so we're burning all the gas in a block with 1 nft, following that logic, the nft is the block :)
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Follow us on twitter, come hang with us on Discord, bid on some blocks, you might get an airdrop 👀
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